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I want some place to write this, so why not make another rant about fandom behaviors...? So let's remember how hyped I was on 8/1 because of the new season? That's right, I'm talking about this post here:
Hype Train, choo chooSo I'm pretty sure everyone is aware about what is going to happen.
Someone would like to hear my thoughts? Good, then lemme start with how much this is such an amazing idea but also could end with another annoying thing that make me dislike Adventure/02 fandom a lot.
But before ranting (again), I would like to share this -- I was finding really strange Toei's silence after Young Hunters finale.
You know, there are like 4 years of "hiatus" between each season, and this year we had no announcements.
15 years of Adventure -- the first digimon animation -- and nothing. Then, when they revealed the event, I thought "Oh my god, I think this is why they were so quiet. An event for the fans". I was okay with that and wishing to some fans publish what happened there. I wished for an official stream about the event and... It happened. The first news about the stream were like "Japan-only" and it made me try to discover a way to watch Nico Live outside Japan -- and I did it.
What surprise

So, let's see what happened after a looong time after August 1st? So, the fandom started to think about retcon of 02 season. Yes, I must say it's mostly the western fans implying the dub makes any sense when the trailer talked about the JAPANESE VERSION of the series. It's not Tai Kamiya, it's Yagami Taichi. In the original version, there's only three years of difference from Adventure to 02, and mostly all the questions about what happened between the series was explained in the CD Dramas. They explained about the Gate opened a few times between the two first series, so the gate opening in the first episode wasn't a PLOT HOLE when they explained (maybe because they noticed it would be confusing to the fans?? Who knows) it three years after the season, on a CD Drama.
With this, I will repeat what I say to many people -- if you're talking about the original/japanese version of Adv & 02, you must check the material extra, like CD Dramas & Movies to understand the series. Most of them can work in the timeline, and it's not a bad idea try to add them there if they explain or make more sense to the series.

Next, the lack of 02 information does NOT mean 02 is going to be retconned. Please, LEARN IT! REMEMBER IT! They kept 02 as canon for 13 years and Daisuke/02 ALWAYS appeared in the all-series material; if they were going to play with this, this season probably will be a spin-off and not canon. Also, there were a few mentions to 02 from 8/1 event until the recent tweets in the official account. You can't say they forgot 02 when Wada Kouji-san sang Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (02's opening) in the event; The 02 pins released; the mention to Yamato's band and a few words in the dejimoji game (all of them related to Yamato and his band). 02 Is going to be retconned?? I don't think so!

Also, from my friend's tumblr page:

[ From the Toei press release, rough translation:

"[Taichi] was an elementary school student in the first series, appeared as a middle school student in the second series, and in this new sequel animation the ‘children’ who have become high school students will be depicted." ]

And then there were some Taiora fans making me ashamed for being a Taiorato fan with a stupid petition to make Taiora canon. I don't like to do this, but Sorato was confirmed to be the canon ship planned since Adventure, and I don't think Sorato is a nightmare. Of course Taiora is cute and I wouldn't deny it, but Sorato also has a great chemistry. And YES I'm rooting for more Sorato to make the epilogue less nonsense.

The lack of 02 kids (yet) made me upset, I'll not lie... But the fandom's bad behavior towards this and the wish to see 02 being burned in the flames of hell because they can't stand the epilogue or the new kids; again, something I disagree when they claim Daisuke "stole" Taichi's protagonism. Daisuke was prejudiced as well -- He was used (and it was CONFIRMED) as part of Ken's development arc and they wanted him to not change. Now look at Taichi, a character who had GREAT and COMPLETE development. Daisuke didn't get 1/3 of what Taichi got, and he's used as comic relief in most the material (Adv/02-verse or all-series)! There's no way to compare them. 02's plot is always about Ken, not about the Chosen. 

I want this season to fix the mistakes of 02, so yeah I want to see 02 kids again to the three of them get more role and evolve just like their seniors did in Adventure. Is wrong wish that? Is WRONG ask this season's protagonist not be only Taichi, but Daisuke too? I want to see these two together, fighting alongside and having an amazing adventure that I'd love more than any other season. Because it's Taichi and Daisuke, two of the ones I wanted so badly to see together in 02 and they decided to limit Daisuke to Ken and ONLY Ken.

I'm sorry for ranting here, but I'll only feel 100% happy when Daisuke, Miyako, Iori and Ken be confirmed. At least to make the anti-02/haters shut up about retcon. 


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