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Well, this is mostly about kids and artists that makes OC for "shipping" purposes. If you can reply those questions with good answers, you're doing it right and it makes me very happy to hear it. But I can't deny the amount of human OCs -- especially from Adventure/02 universe -- that are created just for ship and only for ship. You have a new story for Taichi/Daisuke's team? Do you need a new character to the plot? Do you will give them more than only the description "Tai/Davis/canon-chara's girlfriend/boyfriend"?

This irks me as an amateur artist and writer, because original characters, like the name say, are created by us and not by anyone. They're characters created based on our dreams, wishes, fears, passions, etc. They're more than a mere doll for shipping and the way some people treats their fanmade characters make me really disappointed. I can say I did that stupidity of creating OCs for ships when I was a ignorant teen who was interested to make ships and give happiness to the canon characters, but now... Now I love my OCs as much I love the canon characters.

Let's start with this little lady called "Geijutsushi Nina", right?
TDW - Nina and Bunnymon -- NEW VERSION -- by adventure-heart

See this lady? yeah, you can argue with me and say she's "self-insertion", but she isn't. The only things we have in common are our age, nickname (Ni), age/birthday and passion for art. I mean, even her name, Nina, is not my real name. Geijutsushi is the very first "Digimon" character I've created and as you can imagine, I made her for a stupidity reason for my best friends old RP where she meets Daisuke and then they fall in love with each other... But WAIT a little second before you start judging her as "Mary Sue". Their romance wasn't "all of sudden", because Geijutsushi didn't know Daisuke and her priority was find another chosen to discover why her partner couldn't evolve. She accidentally joined the very first part of the story's plot, and there they started being friends. Also, Geijutsushi had a silly crush on Ken because his fame and his cuteness. The romantic part where Geijutsushi and Daisuke start to discover their feelings for each other happens later and they don't do anything, to keep their friendship. Of course both are very jealous of Hikari and Ryo Akiyama, but they aren't sure about those feelings at the same time. The story never implied ROMANCE, it was a battle story with strong enemies and too much drama. Masato and I weren't focused to make a romantic story or change the "ships", we were two teens wanting to make a good sequel for 02 season.

So, Gejutsushi had the stupidity concept of being "the human Natchan" for Daisuke. A girl who loves him a lot and wouldn't abandon him no matter what happens. This lady had that definition, BUT she never was a toy or a shipping object. You know why? Because she had, from the very first chapters of that RP, a strong and unique personality that made her relationship with Daisuke, the Chosen or even Masato's characters or my own OCs (Rubi, her best friend, as example) very dynamic and beautiful. Her strong willpower and bravery made her do things that I couldn't do that (so that's why it's a mere coincidence her name be "Nina"), like facing a strong enemy and risk her own life. Sure, she committed terrible mistakes, hurt people so very much (like the discussion she had with Iori), sufferered breakdowns and etc. Even having that idea of "being a human version of Natchan" she was unique and not a puppet for shipping.

When I started writing the Lady of the Castle fanfiction, I changed more her relationship with the canon characters. Yes, she exists in this story and she kept that strong personality, but her relationship with the canon characters... She only know a bit about Taichi because of her grandmother, who was Jyou's teacher. And her relationship with Daisuke, you may ask... She hates him. That's all. Geijutsushi from Lady of the Castle and Hinode have a strange tsundere face and makes Daisuke thinks she HATES him so much that she couldn't stand him for one second. That's part of the plot as well, because there's a reason of that reaction around Daisuke and it slowly changes -- BUT NOT FOR ROMANCE. After working a lot with this character and the others, I can admit it's kinda funny and maybe impossible to Geijutsushi and Daisuke get along like a couple without one be jealous about the other. 

So, what I see a lot in dA is how some artist and digimon fans seems to create OCs for mere ships, not thinking about their characters as their creations, but mere puppets for smut and romance. If you have an OC, why not spend your time avoiding make them "belong to someone" and give them a story, a personality, traits & flaws, platonic relationships, a family, relatives, friends, a LIFE?
I'm not saying it's WRONG make OC/Canon ships, but the wrong is when you don't develop the OC, and don't develop their relationship with EVERYONE (not just romance, guys).

If you have one, try to think of those things FIRST instead to create dolls to make sex with Matt, Tai or Davis. Make characters that can make them alive and get love from you and other people. Please, avoid romance while you're creating a character.


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